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Titlecarpal tunnel exercises
AuthorSharon J. Butle
Publication dateApril 1
Document typePDF
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Stretching : Gentle stretches for your wrists, fingers, and forearms can help improve flexibility and reduce compression on the median nerve. Look for exercises that target the carpal tunnel area specifically .

Strengthening : Building the muscles surrounding your hands and wrists can provide support and stability, reducing strain on the median nerve. Exercises like wrist extensions, finger lifts, and grip squeezes can be helpful .

Nerve Gliding : These exercises aim to mobilize the median nerve within the carpal tunnel, encouraging smooth movement and reducing irritation. They often involve gentle wrist and finger movements in various directions .

Posture and Ergonomics : Addressing your posture and how you use your hands in daily activities can significantly impact carpal tunnel syndrome. Books often offer tips on adjusting keyboard setups, maintaining neutral hand positions, and avoiding repetitive motions .


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    the book carpal tunnel exercises published on 1 April in PDF

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    exercises Stretching , Posture and Ergonomics , Nerve Gliding , Strengthening